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12 Stylist approved tips for suiting up for work!


12 Stylist approved tip for Suiting up for work!

By Lynn Serulla 

1. Let’s talk about your suits and how often you wear them, how often you clean them and how many should you have. If you wear a suit every day try this rule of thumb: Every 5 wears assess: stains? smells? Then after 10 wears, you may be in the danger zone… I suggest having at least 5 suits in weekly rotation, if you wear suits every day. Make sure you switch it up, if you don’t want to be known around the office as the guy who wears the same suit every Monday.


2. Make your belt / watch / shoe combo stand out, these are the bottom of your look pyramid and pieces to invest in. Try having a few different color schemes. Perhaps a relatable dark brown set, a lighter caramel brown, and black classic. The shinier the fancier, formal patent leather is nice to have for evening events. Stick with one color of metal. Once you have mastered the basics, branch out. Try colors.


3. Don’t disrespect your suit with a casual shirt. Buttons on the tips of your collar means a casual shirt. They don’t belong with a suit. Maybe try a mock turtleneck knit instead. Go ahead, get your bad Beat poet self on.


4. When your jacket is off, you want to show you mean business. Practice rolling your sleeves up, no seriously there is an art to it. Please make sure it does not look like two large lumps on your arms.


5. Details details details: think about your personality and visually expressing it in your look. Ties, tie bars, watch bands, cufflinks. Finish your looks with class and individuality. Pocket squares, watches, bracelets, rings, necklaces and glasses. Don’t forget your cell phone cover, sunglasses, and wallet. These details are what makes your look uniquely yours. Anyone can have a navy suit, it’s what you do with it that will make heads turn.


6. Belts, suspenders. If you wear one, don’t wear the other.


7. Pocket squares and ties should NOT be the same fabric but they should look as if they would go to the same party. Make sure your accessories are in the same color palette but not exactly the same. Do your research for your signature tie knot, and practice it.  Find your favorite fold for your pocket square.


8. Try layers. Button ups, light knit jumpers.  If it’s winter, a long wool coat, scarf and hat can be the chill factor.


9. Your luggage and bags are part of your style. If you travel for work you should consider this. Try a silver case or quality brown leather with strong brass hardware, it’s timeless and you will be able to use it for the rest of your life.


10. Gross items that can’t be helped should go away! Throw out stained clothes, armpit stains, wine, food. Have you washed it and it still smells? Get rid of it, and replace your basics. You’ll want a nice white tee, and a few crispy white business shirts for styling options when things seem a little too colorful.


11. Hire a Tailor & Dry Cleaner in one. It will be more convenient. Bring them your ill-fitting suits and pants. Have your pants hemmed. Make them love you, so they make you look amazing. I’m saying do whatever it takes: Chocolate, candy, extra tips!


12. Find a signature scent, you will be surprised on how far you will be surprised how far a scent can go in making a good first impression. Find a cologne that flatters your chemistry. Charm them through the nose, but make sure you don’t put on too much or smell like a hippie. You can get testers at a department store of scents you want to try. Poll your friends. I have a few guy friends who love dressing. They even consider what scent will be appropriate for the event they are going to.